Guillaume Pelletier

samedi 15 août 2009

Enveloppés dans Tzara

Encore sur le thème d'Illustration Friday.

Wrapped in Tzara : "Each page must explode".
On the theme of Illustration Friday.

5 commentaires:

studio lolo a dit…

You have a wonderful style!

alex fine illustration a dit…

Great use of type. I like the simple color palette too.

donny* a dit…

LOVE your work. this one might be my favorite of the week. well done!

Pencil Pocket a dit…

Hey Guillaume. I love all your work. Your style is wonderful and your characters perfect! Thanks for my lovely comment - I'm equally pleased that I spotted your work here too :)

Guillaume Pelletier a dit…

Thanks Studio Lolo, Alex, Donny & Kirstie! I really appreciate :)